Fina Lunes´ Style

From my point of wiew, creating a concept means developing a visual discourse from an idea, getting involved in every aspect of it and thoroughly review each and every one of them. This allows me to reach the essence and show it in my pictures.

My style is a summary of everything I am:

ELEGANT. I like to picture elegance through composition, color and shape.

VERSATILE. I try to adapt to the different situations that arise in the process.

CREATIVE. I´m curious, greatly imaginative and with a personal point of wiew that I trive to explore and share.

Fashion photography.

I feel that this phrase by Gilles Lipovetsky in his book `The Empire of Fashion ': "accurately captures my own way of thinking: "Seems a paradox, but fashion appears to be an instrument of consolidation of democracy and of modern liberal societies, as a vehicle hitherto unknown of the modernization dynamics".
I like this quote becouse it seems to suit perfectly well with my idea that, througrh fashion, one can show oneself the way one wants to be seen as an individual; that is, fashion is the visual reference of one as a person, a concept that fascinates me.