They combine rigor and creativity, to which one can add a visual story. A catalogue gives us room to explore any and every possibility imaginable to show the products to our customers in an attractive and suggestive manner.

Lingerie and swimwear
For men as much as for women collections, I try to build a photographic image that defines the concept and philosophy of the brand, combining also my own personal style.

Fashion accessories
Photographing fashion accessories (shoes, handbags, gloves, etc.) lets me show my most creative side, while at the same time forces me to be extremely accurate with each object so that its minimun details ( in color, volume or sharpe) can be correctly perceived.

Ive always been fond of the work routine in publicity: precise directions and total control up to the most minute details.

Ive always felt a fascination for picturing people. When they ara not in the fashion business , my aim is to grasp their personalities; if they appen to be professional models, I intend to show their lifestyle.The thing is, though, in the end you find it very difficult to separate one from the other.

Fashion Editorials
I like to produce and photograph fashion editorials, because they allow me to explain brief visual stories.